The great secret of successful theaters is really not that spectacular: visitors keep coming back again and again! But why? And how do you keep it that way? That’s not so simple. Or is it? Market Vision asks theater visitors why, by means of a few simple questions using an iPad with touchscreen. This way, the quality of theaters can be measured daily.

But the bigger theatres often lease out their locations for Conferences and Events. Sometimes the location features a restaurant. From a research perspective this means surveying three target groups and building three different surveys.

To get sufficient respons for all three surveys, Market Vision chooses the iPad as it is easy and fun to use! An additional benefit of the iPad is the link to the database via WiFi. This makes the iPad a practical tool, with instant reporting and complaints forwarding.


The main purpose of this research with iPads is to determine how a visitor or guest experienced the service he or she received in a theater. This results in an insight about the difference between what was promised to the guest and what the actual experience of the guest was, as seen through the eyes of the guest. When a promise is broken, visitors desert. Proactive research must prevent such incidents!

Online Reporting

With a traffic light indicating problem areas in the online report, the needs of the guests can be catered to without deep analysis. Effects of corrective actions are made visible in easy to read graphs with trend lines. Big (negative) variations in high- and low scores separately are identified with a red symbol, indicating any inconsistency. They can also be further analysed with the accompanying graph.