Satisfaction research

Every organization is looking for a way to stand out from its competitors. But what is it that makes customers choose one organization over the other? Differentiation with new gadgets is costly and soon other organizations adopt a similar gadget. Not so easy to copy, however, is the difference that is made by the service that is provided by the employees. A difference they can make when they are properly trained and well informed.

By asking customers collectively about their wishes and experiences, employees can cater for every customer’s need. With the help of Real Time Feedback, employees can act immediately. An example is the temperature in the restaurant. Is it too hot? Or too cold? For one person, or for many others as well?

The instantly available online report from Market Vision assures that management is well informed and the staff knows how to optimize the customers experience.

Today’s client is a ‘connected’ client. He or she shares experiences on weblogs and web fora. This makes the question: ‘will you recommend us?’ even more relevant. People who recommend organizations, are called Promotors. Their propensity to recommend, or not to recommend is included in the so-called Net Promotor Score (NPS).

With the insights about discerning factors and with the use of the NPS question in a satisfaction survey one can get a clear insight into the causes of Customer loss (Churn).