Competition among hotels has increased significantly over the last decade. The rules of the game have been changed completely. Joining a chain seems inevitable, if only as an answer to the powerful (comparative) websites that seem to have taken over the marketing completely. In this new playing field, Market Vision supports hotels (and hotel chains) with research and advice.

For instance, guests are polled with (easy to use) iPads generating survey data and operational information such as complaints. This self-developed program assures that defecting guests can be retained as they are helped before they even post their complaints on the Internet.

Ultimately, it’s all about guest satisfaction leading to Loyal guests who recommend your establishment to other potential guests. This is an important advantage because Loyal guests cost less and spend more, often year after year.

Market Vision has over 15 years experience with research for international hotel chains including Dorint, Novotel and Radisson Blu, but also with research for independent hotels.
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