Honest feedback

And, how was your meal? A question that is posed at many a restaurant. But does it elicit an honest reply? Restaurants are sometimes overwhelmed by a bad review on Tripadvisor, while none of its clients seemed to have left dissatisfied. This means that Guests are prepared to share their opinion, but do not want to discuss it.

It is possible to obtain honest feedback once a customer is given the opportunity to respond anonymously. The response is best when the most relevant questions are asked at the right moment.

The most relevant question that you can pose after a visit, is whether the respondent is prepared to recommend the organization. To recommend or not to recommend appears to be the most powerful indicator of customer loyalty (research by Prof. Fred Reichheld). After all only when a customer is truly delighted than he/she will recommend the organization as it is closely related to his/her reputation. The best ambassadors are satisfied customers.

But what is it that customer are satisfied or dissatisfied about? Do improvements increase satisfaction sufficiently? THIS is what needs to be known, immediately after the improvement was implemented. That is why Market Vision uses a survey on an iPad. The software and the touchscreen technology simplify the filling out. It is even easy for senior users. Thanks to WiFi, results are instantly online and feedback has become available on a daily basis. Honest feedback that warrants products or services and creates customer- and employee involvement alike.