A weekend in the City of Maastricht. Always a great hospitality experience. Whether you visit a restaurant or a cave, friendly people everywhere!

As a researcher this strikes me. Why is this so in Maastricht? And not in Amsterdam? What is the essence of a friendly reception anyway? Is it a so-called ‘FISH’ mentality? Check out the famous YouTube video about the Pike Place Fish market in Seattle where the staff throws big fishes at its customers! So much fun and so attractive that it is seen as a new business model. This live comedy generates lots of publicity and assures lots of visitors, daily!  http://bit.ly/2dCJJMc

‘To sleep with the Fishes’, an expression from the movie ‘the Godfather’. In the St. Martenslane hotel, we stayed at, this was really possible! (Without being killed first!).  For only 3,50 euro they put a goldfish as companion in your room. Good joke or serious fun? As a researcher I mull it over a bit. What would you do for instance when the fish dies that night? Or do you use ‘fresh fish’ every day to prevent this? And how ‘animal friendly’ can that be?

But it’s fun for the guests.  This boutique hotel had other interesting things like the pot of soup that was boiling on the edge of the counter. So as a guest you can get soup upon arrival. Very hospitable and informal. Does it get any crazier than this?

So this my question for this week! Let me know which crazy or special experience you had during a hotel visit! I look forward to your comments!

Jan Mulder, Market Researcher and founder at Market Vision

Jan Mulder leads research activities at Market Vision. Jan founded Market Vision in 1996 after obtaining marketing experience at one of the first Personal Computer companies (Kaypro) and getting legal experience at Fokker Aerospace and Fokker Space.  His current experience is based on a more than 15 years of research in the hotel industry with hotel chains like Radisson and Novotel. Jan also taught research at Windesheim Flevoland for five years. Jan lives and works in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jan holds a B.A. from the University of Puget Sound and a M.Sc. from the University of Oregon.