About us

Market Vision, a name that illustrates insight into market developments. In addition to image research, research bureau Market Vision conducts basic research into consumer behaviour and customer satisfaction. Market Vision provides strategic insights. With climate research for instance, when there is a need to know why employee turnover increases unexpectedly. Or with customer research when suddenly customers choose for a competitor.

Market Vision has many years of experience in the service industry where the ‘product’ is created every single day. That is why Market Vision’s programs for hospitality and theatres are designed to keep staff on alert, always! Market Vision has intimate knowledge about customer satisfaction and customer loyalty because its roots are in the hospitality industry. A service business like no other and where other business look up to become more customer oriented With experience in this industry, Market Vision support organizations with practical checks, solid research and a clear vision on service quality.

Who is Market Vision?

The job of the quantitative market researcher has tilted. No more lengthy forms to fill out, or endless follow-up calls for surveys. Surveys are replaced with technical specialists who control the process of data collection, both online and mobile. Good research depends on, among other things, the application of the most appropriate research method. For each type of research project, Market Vision chooses the most appropriate team. In each project Market Vision takes on the role of Chain Director who guarantees that the final report is made in accordance with the Research Industry standards of ESOMAR.